February 23, 2018

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How to Upgrade your Logger with HST Trucks

Donnie demonstrates the system to follow for modifying and mounting the HST's on your logger! This will reposition the trucks on the older Logger deck to allow for smooth turning and the prevention of wheel bite!! View full article →
October 03, 2017


How to choose the perfect trucks in minutes....

Once you have picked up that sweet long deck, the first question that pops to your head is, “Which trucks are the best fit for my ride?” 

True, it’s really important that you know how to choose your longboard trucks. This is so because your trucks will decide how you turn while keeping your wheels anchored to the deck. 

Trucks have come a long way since their first since inception as has the science of decks themselves. Not all trucks are the same or behave the same way. There’s more than a handful of things to consider here if you want the best ride from your longboard.



This can be educational, exciting and time-consuming all at the same time. There are distinct features that vary from truck to truck and they can change your ride drastically.

But don’t fret if you’re in a hurry to take your longboard out for the thrill of your life. There's a couple of ways you can pick the best trucks in minutes

Firstly, the easiest way for beginners is to select the trucks that are the closest match to the width of the longboard. Just make sure they come from reputable manufacturers. 

Secondly, you can pick a pair of all-purpose trucks. There are some excellent trucks that’ll perfectly let you experience an awesome all-around surfing experience whether you want to cruise downhill, carve, pump or shred

At Hamboards every long or short board comes fitted with S8 trucks which have been our mainstay for many years. These trucks became super popular because of their versatility. 

Even though S8 trucks were one of the best all-purpose Reverse Kingpin Trucks (RKP) for many years, there were rooms for improvement. 

Hamboards wanted to address these issues and brought in a team of international engineers and designers. This was an marketingly effort led by a NASA engineer and Italian designers.

As a result, four years later surfskaters have entered a new age of versatile surfing and extreme carving with Hamboards own HST Trucks




October 03, 2017




Hopefully, I’ve been able to answer some of your questions. Now you should be able to choose the perfect RKP trucks for your longboard without weeks of research. 

It’s impossible to stress enough the importance of having good trucks under your deck.

If you are just beginning to explore the world of surfskating, I recommend trucks that are wider and more stable. Or, even better go with performance trucks like HST so you can start to practice carving alongside cruising, sliding and freestyling. 

I hope you got some juice from this article. Check out the video below to see how HST Trucks can transform the way you surf the streets.

June 15, 2016

Louise Maurisset - Hamboard Team Rider

Name: Louise Maurisset 

Where do you live/where are you from ?

I live in San Diego but was born and raised in France

What sparked your interest in outdoors adventures? 

I've always had an attraction for outdoor adventures. I started travelling the world at 6 months old thanks to my parents who are huge globetrotters. Travelling around the world and discovering new culture makes you crave outdoor adventures. 

How did you cultivate a passion for skateboarding/longboarding? 

 My passion for skateboarding/longboarding actually started after looking at old pictures and videos of old school skateboarders from the 70s. Their style was out of this world and I knew right away this was what I wanted to do. So I went and bought my first board.

How does long boarding factor into healthy living?

I think longboarding definitely factors into healthy living. Being outdoors, pushing, sweating, having fun sounds like a great recipe for healthiness. 

Who inspires you?

Jay Adams and his skating are a huge source of inspiration. He was an amazing skater and I love trying to replicate his skating style. 

How have you turned an outdoor lifestyle into a career? 

I was able to turn an outdoor lifestyle into a career by posting pictures of doing things that I love on Instagram. People love seeing pictures of other people doing what they love. It motivates them to go out and try new things for themselves.

Have you always wanted to live in America or was that a recent decision? 

Yes I've always wanted to live in America especially in California. The weather is just awesome and so are the waves.  I started travelling to the United States at a very young age. Every summer my family would rent a car and road trip through different states. 

Whats one thing you cannot live without? 

Definitely my surfboard! 

What are your favorite ways to stay active? 

My favorite ways to stay active are surfing and skating. I also enjoying hiking and luckily San Diego has some pretty nice trails to offer. 

Favorite place to Hamboard?

Pacific Beach is a great little surf town to skate. There are awesome empty alleys with driveways that make them so fun to skate. 

What’s your typical…


Omelette with mozzarella cheese, avocado and sun-dried tomatoes. 


I'm actually obsessed with Whole Foods. I'm pretty much there everyday. I usually get one of their sandwiches or I make myself a salad. 


Ice cream sandwiches haha! 

What is your favorite place in the world?

Barbados! The surf is so much fun, the water is so warm and the island is incredibly pretty. 


What’s a typical day look like?

I usually wake up around 8-9am. Go to class. Grab lunch. Then I drive to the beach and skate or surf until sunset. 

Describe your perfect day.

Perfect day is a day filled with awesome food, great waves and sunset skate sessions at the beach with friends. 

How did you hear about Hamboards?

I actually found out about Hamboards a couple years ago after seeing that massive board attached to a pole in Huntington. I thought that was the greatest thing ever and wanted one so badly. 

What is your favorite board of the Hamboards line? 

My favorite board is the Fish. I absolutely love it! It's the best board I have ever owned. It feels like you're surfing the streets. 

Advice on staying happy and healthy everyday?

Be yourself, do what what you love and most of all, HAVE FUN! 

May 05, 2016


To handcraft the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles in the early days was a rather slow, careful and expensive process. Now, thanks to thousands of dedicated riders over the last 10 years, Hamboards has finally reached enough worldwide demand to be able to offer our boards at a far better price while constantly perfecting our quality and performance.

The simple and classic longboard experience of the HOP
The Beauty, Power and Grace from the Logger
The High-Performance surfing like power of the Fish and Pinger
and the Classic-The legendary longboard that changed everything

If you have always wanted a Hamboard, but could not afford it - today is the day we have all been waiting for.
If you already a loyal Hamboarder or a serious collector - now you can afford to experience the full performance range in the rest of the series

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who believed in us, and to let you know this is only the beginning. As our commitment to you, price will never be between you and experiencing the worlds best longboard skateboards, street stand up paddle boards and land paddles. So to help us grow the community tell your neighbors, friends, family, passer-bys, or let them ride yours. Together we can transform the landscape into a wave like experience. 

October 05, 2015


We are really happy with the way these Walnut Loggers have turned out. Not only do they have a great classic surfy ride, but they're way photogenic. We couldn't resist the opportunity to do a photo shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Krista Espino.
June 04, 2015


It's not everyday you get to flash back 50 years. The Hamborg crew got to experience just such a time warp riding our classic longboards around and thru the Huntington Beach Classic Car Show, and it felt like the boards we were riding belonged right there. Hamboards may not have 50 years of existence under its belt but we somehow are throwbacks to that same era. All our boards have a unique blend of modern performance with a retro look and feel, made for classic surf-style skateboard riding.