HST Carving Trucks are sold and shipped with Recreational (red) springs as standard equipment.  These red springs will break-in quickly and provide a balanced recreational carving experience.  We offer several accessories to customize and maintain your HST Trucks.  

For those who prefer maximum stability and uber-snap-back carving performance we recommend an upgrade to Professional (silver) springs.  These new Zinc coated springs offer the most versatile and highest performance ride we've ever developed as they can be used for the surfskate, supskate and longboard style of riding. NOTE: The silver springs have an extra half coil, so you will need to remove the "large inner diameter" fender washer from your existing HST truck assembly, to make room for this extra half coil.  Otherwise you will bind the mechanism and break your wavecams.  The fender washer you remove looks like this:

Large ID Fender Washer

For those who have grown accustomed to the legacy Hamboards feel, we offer low stiffness (black) springs as accessories.  For 15 years, these black springs have provided the fastest possible response for your carving sensation and are recommended for avid surfskate enthusiasts.  

NOTE: The kingpin adjustment is for tuning, not changing the stability.  If you overly tighten the kingpin you will risk breaking wavecams.  See our FAQ page for instructions and a video link to proper tuning of your HST truck.  The angle of board lean is the same for all the spring types, roughly 28 degrees.  

NOTE: These springs are ONLY for use with HST Carving Trucks or legacy boards equipped with Original S8 Carving Trucks.