Lucid Clear Spray On Grip




Our grip is made from a recycled glass material and comes in three different granular sizes. Light, Medium, and Heavy. 

  • LIGHT - Lucid's light grip is like fine sugar sand. Its really easy on bare feet but gives you just enough grip for cruising around.
  • MEDIUM - This grip size is similar to the grip that comes standard on all Hamboard decks. So if you looking for a little more grip but still easy on the feet and you want to match whats on the deck then medium is for you.
  • HEAVY - The heavy grip is heavy. Its more used in industrial style settings and heavy foot traffic. Not recommend for bare feet and because of its bigger granule size you can tell the grip is on the surface of whatever you may be gripping. The grip performs well and will require a little more liquid to trap everything in.


Lucid's Clear Liquid contains coalescing, leveling, and defoaming agents, making it a fully formulated, clear, waterborne product.

This product may be thinned with water and forms an excellent finish that can be re-coated in 30-60 minutes.

Lucid's Clear Liquid forms a hard, stain-resistant film with exceptional clarity and mar resistance. It exhibits superior flow and leveling properties and is self-cross-linking to produce fast dry times.

  • Clear Gloss Coat
  • VOC-Compliant
  • Formulation versatility (sealer and top coat)
  • Fast drying, easy sanding
  • Ready to use
  • Water clean up

Package includes:

- Step 1 "The Liquid" - 2.5 oz Bottle / Filled full with Liquid

- Step 2 "The Grip" - 2.5 oz Bottle / Filled half way with grip (Select Grip Size from Drop Down Menu)

- Foam Brush

- Instructions

- Lucid Grip Sticker


How to re-grip a Hamboard